I know I’ve already done one blog today, but I was just noticing about Arnold (the Governator) Schwarzenegger’s admission that he had fathered a child upon one of his households aids. Adultery is nothing new, been around probably since the human race became sentient, but that never makes it right. At least have enough respect for you mate and the other woman to get a divorce before you begin planting your seed again, in a manner of speaking. Fidelity is respect, so think about that Arnold, and Tiger, and whoever else can’t seem to grasp the concept. It is what we owe those we vow to love, protect, and stand by, for better or worse, richer or poorer.


About Bob

Born in 1949 in Colfax, Washington. Attended grades 1-12 there, spent one year at Spokane Falls Community College, then 3 at Eastern Washington. Graduated from there with a degree in Anthropology. Married my wonderful wife in 1970, joined the US Air Force in 1971 and spent 20 years as an aircraft mechanic. Along the way had two great children, a boy then a girl, 4 grand kids and two step grands. After I retired from active duty I finally found myself a public library manager, and now after doing that for 18 years I find myself finally retired for good and all.
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