The picture below the blog is over 20 years old, and I no longer have all that hair. Further more, what is left is grey, with a small smattering of black. You know what, I don’t really miss it. I made myself a promise years ago that I would not be one of those men of an indeterminate age who does not dare to stand the wrong way in a breeze lest his comb over waves like Old Glory. Now, I have not decided to go completely hair free on my head, but I may go ahead and shave the rest off, not quite sure yet if I’m ready for that step. I can understand why a younger man may feel like they need a hair piece or something, but by the time you are in your 60’s, well, get over it. The other type of hair that gets me is the guy with nothing on top but wearing a pony tail! What’s with that? It’s like a fat guy in Speedos, no one really wants to see that picture. I try to be an open minded person, but you must draw the line somewhere. Balding guys, go with it, embrace change, and lose the greasy comb-over.


About Bob

Born in 1949 in Colfax, Washington. Attended grades 1-12 there, spent one year at Spokane Falls Community College, then 3 at Eastern Washington. Graduated from there with a degree in Anthropology. Married my wonderful wife in 1970, joined the US Air Force in 1971 and spent 20 years as an aircraft mechanic. Along the way had two great children, a boy then a girl, 4 grand kids and two step grands. After I retired from active duty I finally found myself a public library manager, and now after doing that for 18 years I find myself finally retired for good and all.
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3 Responses to Hair

  1. dawn says:

    Totally with you on the comb-over thing. I rarely notice thinning hair or a bald head. I think I see EVERY comb over that walks past me. It’s distracting. And regarding the speedo thing – NOBODY needs to be seen in one those. ugh.

  2. dawn says:

    Uncle Bob, I love your blog!!!

  3. Bob says:

    Thanks Dawn for the comments and kudos. Its fun just to take a few minutes (rarely takes me more than five) and just let the words flow. And, yes, unless you are already an Olympic class swimmer or diver, you should never be in a Speedo. That is why God invented Baggies!

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